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Toilet Paper Launcher


  • 6" piece of 4" diameter ABS or PVC piping

  • 4" to 1.5" reducer

  • 3" of 1.5" diameter ABS or PVC piping

  • 1.5" to 1.5" coupling sleeve

(NOTE) You may have to alter the diameter of the pieces to match the specifications of your gun.



  • Take your 4" to 1.5" reducer and glue the piece of 4" pipe into the front of it.

  • Glue the 1.5" to 1.5" coupling sleeve to the piece of 1.5" pipe.  

  • Glue the other end of the 1.5" pipe in to the 1.5" opening in the reducer and attach to the barrel of your gun.




      You will have to put something behind the toilet paper.  A cut piece of cardboard will work perfect.  Just put on the end of you gun and you are ready.





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