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If anyone has Spud Gun pictures they would like posted in the gallery E-Mail them to me here... Please include your full name, e-mail address, and your website address (if you have one) so credit can be given.  Also, if any of the pictures are yours send me the above information so I can give you credit.


The Gattling Spud Gun invented by Gary Davis.   Click here for info on how to build one.


Here is a picture of my gun.

line.gif (151 bytes)


Picture of another gun.


The all aluminum SP9004 Spud accelerator.  Created by The Spud Gun Technology Center.


The P.A.C.3 sniper rifle.  Created by Aerodynamic Inventions.


A close up of the breech on the P.A.C.3.


A pneumatic air cannon.


A gun with multiple barrels.


A pneumatic Spud Gun.