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Toilet Paper Launcher


  • 6" piece of 4" diameter ABS or PVC piping

  • 10" piece of 1.5" diameter ABS or PVC piping

  • 4"->1.5" reducing bushing

  • 1.5"->1.5" coupling sleeve, threaded on the inside at one end several pieces of foam pad or sponge (silencing material)

(NOTE) You may have to alter the diameter of the pieces to match the specifications of your gun. You shouldn't need to buy any new piping, use the leftovers from your barrel and combustion chamber.


(NOTE) Don't forget if you have a lesser diameter on any of these pieces that you ought to increase the length to compensate.



      First and most importantly, the inside of your coupling sleeve and the outside of your gun barrel need to be threaded. This is because you do not want to permanently affix the silencer to your gun for various reasons.


  • After having the threading done, use your piping glue to glue the piece of 10" long, 2" diameter piping into the non-threaded end of the coupling sleeve. 

  • Once that has set, slide the 4"->2" reducing bushing down until it is flush against the coupling and the 4" end is open opposite the coupling sleeve. Apply glue, and allow setting. 

  • Using a drill, drill many (how many is up to you, but not TOO many) tiny holes into the 10" piece of piping. Use the smallest drill bit you can find (I don't have any suggestions), or else you'll end up turning your potato into French fries when you fire it. These holes allow the air to expand before exiting the barrel. 

  • Next, glue the 4" diameter piece of pipe into the open end of the bushing. You should have a pipe within a pipe now otherwise you got confused somewhere. Allow the glue to set, as usual. 

  • Jam the foam or sponge into the area between the two pipes, the tighter, the better. This silences and slowly allows the air to expand as it hits it. This is what will absorb the bang.


      All told, you should have a functional silencer. I do not know the exact length of the coupling and bushing, so you may need to shorten (or length!) the 2" diameter. pipe to make them even.





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