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Interchangeable Barrel Combustion Gun


  • 4' long of 1.5" PVC pipe for the barrel

  • 1' long of 3" PVC pipe for the combustion camber

  • A 1.5" treaded male coupler and a 1.5" treaded female coupler

  • A pipe reducer from 3" to 1.5"

  • An 3" end cap holder

  • An 3" end cap

  • PVC glue

  • Push button barbeque sparker


  • Get all your parts ready for assembly.

  • Cut all your pipes to the correct length using a saw or a pipe cutter.

  • Take the end cap holder and glue it onto the end combustion chamber pipe (Fatter, sorter one) Make sure you don't get glue into the threads.

  • Take the 3" to 1.5" reducer and glue the 3" end to the other side of the combustion chamber.

  • Next glue the female treaded coupler on to the barrel, and the male onto the reducer (you may need to use a small piece of pipe going from the reducer to the coupler.)

  • Drill a hole in the center of the end cap. Make sure the bit is the size of the sparker.

  • Take the sparker and glue it into the hole you made in step 6.

  • Let it dry over night, then your ready to fire.



      Select the barrel you want, Screw it in to the coupler on the combustion chamber and fire the gun the same way you would shoot a normal Spud Gun.





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